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PVR Orion, Bengaluru

PVR Orion, Bengaluru

Crafting an exhilarating journey for theatre enthusiasts.

The user-friendly and opulent interior for PVR Orion is an adapted redesign of the original concept by ROR Studio, built to elevate the visitors’ multiplex experience to an exponential level. The design creates a tangible shift in atmosphere as visitors enter the theater.  The reception area features giant LED screens, frameless plasma TVs, and lit poster boxes which combine to serve the dual functions of disseminating information while adding a dynamic visual experience to the space. The petal structures on the ceiling are a prominent feature and are inscribed with the names of classic movies, acting as a constant reminder of the cinematic experience.

Program Area:





Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Built Area:

73,760 sq. ft.