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VRS Infotech, Gurugram

VRS Infotech, Gurugram

A corporate building with a green courtyard

This project is a standalone building for a corporate – ACME. It is a complete Vastu compliance building. The expansive courtyard is on the northeast side of the area. While the front is the proposed metro corridor. The corridor was defined as a space that belonged to the users. The courtyard is surrounded by 16 meters of unsupported, high walls. A second layering of a green wall of 3-4 meters high has been implemented behind these high structures so that the users in the courtyard do not feel intimidated. The L-shaped 16 meters high wall, in the corner of the courtyard, have the LED panels on the top for branding purposes. The highlight of the building is that there are only two columns inside the main workplace block, while the rest of the space is mostly column-free. The reception area in the smaller block is for public interaction. The rectangular structure that is protruding out of the main building houses the boardroom.

Built Area:

1,23,139 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Commercial - large workplace


VRS Infotech