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Our Philosophy

Enhancing Experiences

At Studio IAAD, we believe in the ability of an optimally designed space to nourish, energize and enrich one’s living experience. Our sensitive approach ensures a healthy and safe interaction between people and the spaces they inhabit. At Studio IAAD, we blur the rigid boundaries with our holistic design approach to architecture and interiors. There is a seamless enveloping of the exterior structure with the interior spaces and sensitivity towards maintaining a harmonious relationship between the natural environment and the styled interior aesthetics.

Designing With, For and In Sync with Nature

We take inspiration from the inherent beauty and balance in nature that extends to the spaces that we design. A Biophilic Design approach helps to reconnect with nature and create healthy and productive habitats for the modern lifestyle. The inclusion of direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment have shown demonstrated results through research, to reduce stress, anxiety and ill-health, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and wellbeing. It helps improve thermal comfort, air quality, toxin levels and ventilation, acoustic comfort, internal and external views on nature, vibrancy and serenity in the built space, and psychological as well as physiological effects of the habitat.

Care for Context

Our design process starts with an extensive understanding of the physical location’s environmental data and the region’s weather patterns. These account for factors such as seasonality, the intensity of the sun, wind, rainfall and humidity, ensuring a truly climate-responsive, sustainable and environmentally responsible design solution. The design intent aims to blur the boundaries between the built space and the natural environment through a biophilic design approach, with seamless integration of inside and outside. We believe in exposing every part of a building to green spaces, either within the space or through a clear view of the external greens as a design, in order to celebrate simplicity and respect functionality.

Sensitivity to Sustainability

Sustainable thinking is at the core of our design process- as architects, we are acutely aware and sensitive to our clients’ spaces and their health and well-being. We design for energy efficiency, use renewable and natural materials for least environmental impact, ensure waste reduction by employing recycling, upcycling and repurposing, and design for healthy environments, ensuring the quality of air, heating, ventilation, lighting and acoustics.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

As a studio, we are as committed to impeccable delivery of our designs as we are focused on their quality. Additionally, we continue to push our boundaries in design innovation and encourage the use of sustainable construction practices through a collaborative work process with clients, architects and specialist consultants. For us, design is inclusive of innovation of what we can reuse at site.

Responsible Design and Engaging process

Our deep engagement with our clients gives us critical insights, which, combined with our environmentally sensitive design process and responsible use of materials, helps us deliver aesthetically and functionally superior spaces. Our work ethos has been developed around the courage to take up challenges and to be innovative while maintaining purity and integrity in our designs.