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M3M St Andrews, Gurugram

M3M St Andrews, Gurugram

The sky-high luxury experience

The M3M St. Andrews Club distinguishes itself as much by its high-rise location as its luxurious offerings. One of the many M3M Golf Estate clubs, it occupies the 34th and 36th floors of the tower and is crafted to offer a distinctive luxury experience that makes its location as much a highlight as its other amenities.

The elevated location of the site posed one of the primary challenges to the project, requiring the design to be adapted to a limited height and floor area. Special features like the sculpture ceiling of the lounge were integrated as a response to this, maximising the experiential aspect of the space.

The Club features a well equipped gymnasium, an interior bar area and a stunning external sky bar, all of which share a consistent elegant but minimalist theme. Full length windows and exterior terrace seating let visitors enjoy the breathtaking view as part of the experience.

Built Area:

15,000 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Club House




Interior + FFE