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Corporatedge, Cyber City, Gurugram

Corporatedge, Cyber City, Gurugram

A heterogeneous workspace unified by its core design essence

An office space is a manifestation of an organisation’s personal taste that inspires its users to strive to perform one’s best. For the Corporatedge space in Gurugram, the brief outlined the design of a shared office space with its key operational functionalities.

The ideation for this project necessitated a design scheme that is not bound by a solitary ethos, given the multifaceted nature of the office space. Rich earthy tones and textures combined with organic shapes and forms have been considered to enable a more holistic approach to the theme. This can be recognized in the cafeteria seating, where a structural element is wrapped with brass tubes arranged around a cylindrical framework to imitate a tree bark that is encircled by a congregation of bird lights. The abstract tree has a canopy that is supported by a cantilevered brass framework of branches to denote its over-arching foliage.

Site Area:

14,310 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Commercial - large workplace




Interior + FFE

Year of completion: