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EMAAR Mohali

EMAAR Mohali

An inspired celebration space

The Club House for Emaar Mohali is built to reflect both the rich culture and the spirit of Punjab. Light and liveliness were the primary themes incorporated into the design, and are reflected in the aesthetic created for each of the rooms of the club. The cafeteria, bar and meeting rooms all feature a bright aesthetic with wide open spaces and high ceilings to create an aura of opulence. The well equipped gymnasium and yoga room incorporate transparent urban elements that give it a modern look. The common areas feature a Fulkari flooring pattern, along with traditional Punjabi woven furniture made by artisans, that creates a feeling of classical opulence. The number of meeting rooms and halls are designed to offer a multitude of spaces for people to come together and celebrate.

Program Area:

Club House




Interior + FFE



Built Area:

37,600 sq ft