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Cove-True To Its Location, North Goa

Cove – True To Its Location, North Goa

A vacation abode for three friends in North Goa, this getaway home harnesses the true sentiment of comfort entwined with elevated living. This residence is conceptualised with three distinct clients at its nucleus, ensuring that each end-user felt tethered to the overall design narrative. A second home for the clients, this residence had to conjure a stark contrast from their lifestyle in the bustling city of Delhi.

The sea-facing plot is limited in its square footage, whilst offering arresting views of the horizon that lays in the distance, framing the verdant neighbouring plantation’s views against the clear blue skies. A humble fisherman’s hut, the untamed plantation and the infinite extent of the ocean are the elements that weave the original landscape of this tucked-away parcel of land — held still and untainted in the clasps of time. The site is dotted by lush coconut and almond trees that create an envelope of green around the home.

The ground floor has been conceptualised as a monolithic base, keeping the privacy intact via optimum glazing. The first floor witnesses the introduction of larger glazed sections and apertures, which offer transforming views as the altitude changes and the day morphs from dawn to dusk. The interior design scheme has been seamed together with a minimalist approach while the indoor spaces converse silently with the outdoors. The staircase connecting the two levels of the home is the architectural spine that facilitates the wind’s circulation. Buff monochromatic travertine, sprinkles of white in various shades, patterned blue-pottery tiles and the umber wooden tones set the stage for the true coastal living experience that engages the senses through textural play.

Program Area:





Architecture + Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Built Area:

5,000 sq. ft.