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City House, New Delhi

City House, Sultanpur, New Delhi

A home with one view

The City House at Sultanpur in New Delhi is a  private residence designed as a blend of two clients’ distinct personal tastes –  one of whom prioritized functional perfection in their living spaces, and the other whose aesthetic sensibilities favoured a classical style. The home is tastefully representative of the homeowners’  common passion  for Soccer and adoration of the city of Barcelona through its Spanish design influences.. The finer nuances that amalgamated the two personalities were an important consideration that guided the design of the house.

The key challenge in the project was to balance the  classical undertone with contemporary furniture and decor. To merge the two and create a consolidated design language, the fluting design of traditional classical columns was extended as an element to the furniture pieces. The resultant design language creates a truly unique visual look for all the interior spaces. The bar and the piano combine as an interactive hub inside the living and dining space.  The bedroom exudes an understated luxury with classical elements adorning the walls and tasteful lighting. Fabric wall panels, porcelain disc art, suspended black chandelier and toscoquattro washbasin give the bathrooms a distinctive style. 

Site Area:

3 acres

Program Area:





Architecture + Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Built Area:

6,000 sq. ft.