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Sprucing Up Cozy Corners in Homes

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Even in the most luxurious residential designs, there is an empty spot or corner which one simply doesn’t know what to do with! These so-called dead spaces are nothing but a design opportunity, lurking in every nook of a house and not adding to your home architecture design! Why not convert this into a stylish zone where one can curl up with a book or showcase memorabilia?Let’s explore some ways to add colour, life and functionality to these spots:

Enliven it with colours

Colours paint your mood. Be it the furniture or simply the lights, or the right colour palette can turn your decor around. Down-to-earth or muted hues like beige and taupe are very soothing. On the other hand, eclectic blues or bubblegum pinks inject a burst of fun into the space and energise the mind. For a zen-like, restful corner, go for pale yellow-toned lights that tune your body’s natural circadian rhythm and help evoke sleep. If you want something quirkier, then opt for neon shades of LED.

Bring in a biophilic touch

Let nature give a vibrant, healing touch to dead corners that are often ignored. A planter or even a vertical wall garden, connects you with nature and provides a biophilic touch to the room. Complement the sustainable architecture with natural stone tiling or even a water feature for a climate responsive design element. Sometimes, a window with plenty of light ties the look together and transforms an otherwise redundant space into a calm oasis of rejuvenation. 

Build on the strengths of the space

Even an unused corner has something unique that can add pizzazz to the decor. If there’s a window nearby, put a comfy chair to set up a reading spot and let in natural light. One can add a whole new dimension with mounted swings. A designated browsing area or a standing desk translates an awkward corner into a dedicated home office.

It is essential to invest in comfortable seating, furniture or furnishing to improve the quality of time spent in the space. A niche with books or a pantry completes the private retreat. Do experiment with ideas and instill character into the area.