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Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Festive Friendly House

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It’s time to ignite the bonafide Indian festive spirit. This year, why not give our home decor an eco-friendly spin to adorn each joyous celebration. In an attempt to do our bit for the environment, let’s practice reducing, reusing, recycling and paying homage to Planet Earth. Here are some ideas that will help you make your  home an eco-conscious living space :

Switch up cushions & upholstery 

The richness of Indian artisanship and handiwork lends itself to contemporary interiors. Colour palettes, rugs and carpets, hand-printed silk cushions and bespoke luminaires can manifest a thought-driven decor ambience.

Eco-friendly lights 

Earthen diyas, instead of incandescent string lights and ethnic lanterns, provide a vibrant, traditional touch to the interiors. Don’t throw these out; you can repurpose them for the next year or another event. Brass or metal lanterns that echo the traditional oeuvre are a good option too. Opt for glass diyas as well, which can be used for varied festivals and be re-used year after year.

Don’t forget the walls & corners

Decorate with iconic art pieces and bric-à-brac, which unassumingly adorn the walls. These pieces add a unique ambience and enhance the design scheme without taking up extra space.

Bring in nature

For a touch of biophilia, bring in planters of all shapes and sizes. Indoor plants like English Ivy and Bamboo Palm add a lush green tinge to the home. For a festive touch, paint earthen potters or use a glamorous one.

Set up a warm & inviting welcome

Marigolds make for the best doorway decorations, so consider tying them with LED lights to give the entrance some glitz. A potpourri of dried or fresh flowers in a transparent bowl can be a suitable replacement for the conventional Urli.

Don’t forget the toran (decorative fabric or metal hung over the doorway). Create one from fresh leaves, or you can purchase a cloth or metallic one.

During the festive season, Rangoli is a must-have decoration. As chemically-laden colours can harm the skin and the environment, you can use organic, non-chemical based colours or make your own at home using beetroot, rose petals, marigolds, etc.