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5 Ways To Add Lattice To Your Home

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Jaalis, also known as lattices, are a prevalent feature in traditional Indian architecture. Originally, during the 16th century, the Mughals crafted intricately carved marble jaalis. However, in recent times, designers have been exploring materials such as wood, metal, brick, and even reinforced concrete that works in contemporary residences. Jaalis add an artistic touch to a space and enhance the overall experience by providing controlled natural light and ventilation. Here’s why you should incorporate jaalis into your home:

  1. Combating the heat of summers

Lattice, screens or jaalis are a brilliant architectural solution to combat hot summers and harsh sunlight. Historically, they were developed as a response to the local climate. The small or large perforations in the screens allow for controlled sunlight, creating pleasant interiors. These versatile and energy-efficient screens can be used in partition walls and fenestrations. The size of the perforations can be customized to manage the desired intensity of light and layer luxury interiors with panache.

  1. Stimulating air flow

Jaalis facilitate ventilation, reducing heat gain during the daytime and allowing for a soothing breeze. As wind passes through the larger and smaller apertures, its velocity increases, enhancing the effectiveness of natural ventilation. Similar to an air conditioner, the lattice screens help cool the air as it passes through smaller perforations. This makes them a highly energy-efficient way to cool your home while adding to luxe interiors.

  1. Privacy, of course!

By strategically placing and angling the slits (apertures) in jaalis, you can see what’s happening outside without revealing the interior view. These perforated screens are often used on facades, railings, and even as ventilators to provide much-needed privacy. With jaalis, you can maximize natural air and light while maintaining a sense of seclusion.

  1. Adding a touch of drama

Jaalis bring captivating patterns into any space, elevating the overall decor. For instance, using perforated screens on the facade can create intriguing patterns through the interplay of light and shadow. Inside the home, these patterns add visual interest without additional decorations. You can choose designs that work well with traditional and contemporary decor styles.

  1. Dividing and unifying spaces

A latticed partition is an excellent way to connect and demarcate different areas within your home. For example, if the foyer opens directly into the dining area, a jaali can shield direct views while allowing you to keep an eye on who’s entering the home. Depending on your needs, you can opt for fluid and portable jaali screens or fixed installations.

Latticework adds ornamental beauty to any space or building, creating a harmonious balance between playfulness and privacy. So go ahead and adorn your home with a jaali!