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Waltz by JB Glass 1, NSIC, New Delhi

Waltz by JB Glass 1, NSIC, New Delhi

The walk-along art gallery

The event marked the first time entry of JB in the ID fair. JB was the new vendor on the block and the brand needed to be recognised and be put out there in front of everybody. To expedite higher visibility, the stall was lifted by 2 ft to make it look higher. The agenda was to portray minimalism through the exhibit, and highlight the range of height and width that can be provided with  customisation for door solutions. A balcony theme was set with a continuous running wall at the back, which became the backdrop for the setup. The exhibit as a whole became an attractive space for its experiential value and warmth, which made it memorable for the considerable brand impressions created.

Site Area:

538 sq. ft.

Program Area:



JB Glass


Interior + FFE

Year of completion: