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SAP Campus, Bengaluru

SAP Campus, Bengaluru

Elevated Architecture

Envisioned as a landmark office building amidst the SAP campus that would make its presence felt with unobstructed visibility from the front approach road, a strategic design narrative that focused on elevating architecture was created. The structure’s iconic nature was cemented by its Design Architecture and Festival (DAF) award win in 2016.

Located on the periphery of other SAP buildings on the campus, this structure’s base is built on a dominant outcrop of the rocky terrain of the region. The design for the workspace emphasises the building’s visibility to heighten the modest attention it gets from its rather self-effacing position. This non-additive strategy at the lower levels to limit built mass on the top, advantageously transforms the natural base of the site to an interactive precinct, sheltered by the elevated building footprint and its protuberances on the western and southern facades.

Site Area:

4,57,569 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Commercial - large workplace







Awards/ Media Recognition

Design Architecture and Festival (DAF) 2016