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OHC, One Horizon Center, Gurugram

OHC, One Horizon Center, Gurugram

An experiential approach to relaxation

The experience center at One Horizon Center in Gurugram was designed as a transition between a living room and a lounge, with a very relaxing aura. Since there was a lack of natural light, it was designed with a warm colour palette with lighting that complements it. Dark finishes were used for the floor, wallpaper and the ceiling. The space was designed to be minimal and comfortable, without any overbearing illumination which might be rattling to the eye.. to the eye. Complete utilization and optimization of the space was done to enhance the ambience and create a peaceful sanctuary. 

Site Area:

1,954 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Experience Center


Hines – Conscient


Interior + FFE

Year of completion: