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Matrikiran (Primary School), Vatika City, Gurugram

Matrikiran (Primary School), Vatika City, Gurugram

Encouraging Learning Through Application

The design for the Matrikiran primary school is based on the ideologies of Shri Aurobindo, focusing on self realisation and growth. Ergonomics and the quality of space were selected as the most important focal points in design. This has been incorporated in a variety of ways into the study spaces. Even the vocabulary used to define areas is made fun and engaging for children. The driving thought behind each classroom is to encourage learning through activity; which enables students to have greater understanding of their lessons in direct relation with the self, in line with Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy. The corridors are decorated to serve as art galleries that further engage students with creative skills and activities.

School Type:

ICSE Board (Day Boarding)

Built Area:

58,000 sq. ft.

Program Area:



Vatika Group


Interior + FFE

Year of completion: