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Hands Carpet, Dubai

Hands Carpet, Dubai

An ‘à la mode, minimalistic exhibit’ for carpets with a touch of neo-classical elegance

The new Hands carpet showroom in Dubai occupies a segment in the posh D3 Design District, alongside numerous chic lifestyle brands, which required it to have an alluring façade to bring in the attention of the onlookers. The design intent focused on creating a uniform yet unique brand identity of exhibiting  carpets as artwork, continuing the character of the showroom in Delhi, while also ensuring that the store fits well into the context of Dubai. This was accomplished by blending the brand’s identity with the confidently opulent atmosphere of the Dubai Design District, taking the artistic nature of the carpet displays to the next level. 

Site Area:

1.200 sq. ft.

Program Area:



Hands Carpet and Rugs


Architecture + Interior + FFE

Year of completion: