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FCML Sanitary, Hyderabad

FCML Sanitary, Hyderabad

An alluring retail space in a contemporary setup with a touch of minimalistic elegance

A showroom’s captivating design holds the key to setting the overall ‘venturesome mood’ which invites and inspires its customer to explore, review and purchase.  The design for the FCML Sanitary showroom in Hyderabad is a true manifestation of this notion. Keeping in line with our tradition of lending a touch of uniqueness, we introduced custom-made, minimalistic shelving in the central display space, befitting of an alluring centrepiece. The ‘floating racks’ aim to create an optical illusion of a free standing, independent entity, characterised by its  thin vertical steel members in rusted tones, bearing oak finished racks defining horizontality by its ‘heaviness and solidity’. Its authenticity  is further accentuated by the presence of an evergreen tree in its centre. This outlines the composition to highlight and promote the extravagant range of ‘luxury bathroom products’.

Site Area:

2,400 sq. ft.

Program Area:





Interior + FFE

Year of completion: