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Farm House, Jonapur, New Delhi

Farm House, Jonapur, New Delhi

A convergence of traditional and contemporary

The design for the 2.5 acre farmhouse at Jonapur New Delhi takes cues from the award winning works of famed architect, Andrew Skurman and translates it within the Indian context. Drawing inspiration from classicism through the diverse traditions of the French, Georgian and Mediterranean styles, this home epitomizes style, aesthetics and grandeur. The front entry is marked with paired fluted columns and fenestration with striking clerestory panels. The deep colonnaded verandah is composed of fluted stone columns, stone panel ceilings and wall plasters. Each element integrates a defined scale and proportion within the home. 

Site Area:

2.92 Acres

Program Area:





Architecture + Interior + FFE



Built Area:

11,830 sq. ft.