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Elevate, Gurugram

Elevate, Gurugram

The journey of elevation to ‘peace’

Elevate in Gurugram is a co-venture housing project between Conscient and Hines. The design aims at creating an elevated lifestyle for all who enter, and be an escape to a quieter, peaceful abode where they can relax and unwind. Trees have been planted at the entrance to the premises to give a forest-like feel to the user walking through the space and into the building. This green area can be perceived from all the spaces in the built structure. Custom designed sculptures were made to be installed within the landscape and in the courtyard. Light fixtures and furniture have been reused, in order to reduce waste and contribute to an environmentally conscious approach.

The interiors are contemporary with European aesthetics, lending a sophisticated and elegant ethos to the spaces. The objective is to give a comfortable, easy and fuss-free experience to the visitors. A kids room allows them to explore the space without any worries as their children are taken care of. The audio visual model room is a journey, as one taken in the view of the model when it reveals itself on the rising of the curtains.

Site Area:

10,225 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Experience Center


Hines – Conscient


Architecture + Interior + FFE