Founder, Design Ideator, Studio IAAD

B. Arch, TVB School of Habitat Studies

Rachna Agarwal is the Co-Founder and Principal Architect at IAAD (It’s All About Design). Established in the year 2007. With over 12 years of experience in the realm of spatial design, Rachna’s professional journey is an ensemble of ingenious design projects completed under her mentorship at esteemed architectural studios, before embarking on the journey of co-founding IAAD. Her role as the lead in the plethora of design ventures have nurtured her penchant for entrepreneurship at an intrinsic level.

A torchbearer of the DNA that the practice exemplifies, Rachna is a proponent for design narratives that conjure a sensorial and memorable spatial experience — one that finds its roots firmly embedded in the purity and integrity of design values. Under her superintendence, IAAD as a boutique studio has proliferated its illustrious body of work ranging corporate offices for leading business houses, expansive resorts, educational institutes, high-end retail stores, showcase apartments, independent villas and an array of multiplexes, making the latest technologies and renewed perspectives the cornerstones of their design process. Her leadership has honed the design practice to undertake the all encompassing services of any
project, creating architectural and interior design solutions with a distilled spirit of balance amidst the past, present and the future. Her approach towards design envisions the clients as key collaborators, wherein their aspirations are meshed ubiquitously into the construct and narrative of any space. With a keen eye for detail and the ardour for creating evocative spaces, Rachna personally ensures that every project witnesses the amalgamation of strong aesthetics, inventive material utilization and the inclusion of sustainable practices at its core.

Post the completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the TVB School of Habitat Studies – Delhi, her early years of learning were hands-on training at the Auroville Earth Institute, where she shadowed the virtuoso and Director Satprem Maïni himself. She was also bestowed with the honor of winning the Architecture+Design – ‘Best Designer’ award for the design of open spaces in 1996, following which she has won many accolades for her work at Studio IAAD. Staying true to the acronym of the studio’s name, Rachna embraces every creative challenge as an opportunity to set elevated benchmarks in the field of design. Her philosophy and fervour for all things design is fostered by her unwavering vision to make experiential built spaces accessible, environmentally-conscious and engaging to every end-user; design that is emblematic of bespoke simplicity and an impactful visionary ethos.

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