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Toffee Insurance, Unitech Business Park, Gurugram

Toffee Insurance, Unitech Business Park, Gurugram

Balance of Nature and Styled Aesthetics 

The office for Toffee Insurance in Gurugram is dedicated to creating an informal and warm atmosphere for visitors and employees alike. The brief was to design a workspace for around 60 people, with a focus on creating a space with warmth and personality, which made for an interesting opportunity to design for a known peer group. 

While the intent of the client was to have a space that promoted an informal experience, Studio IAAD curated a design layout with classical assuring spaces for the employees, with adaptable informal touches. The requested cafe space, for instance, also serves as a hub for social events and gatherings, while an indoor play area lets teams unwind and engage in bonding activities such as playing table tennis, board games etc. The office has been planned with the  cafe at the heart of the entire office space, while optimising its location functionally. The resultant design is  a perfect amalgamation of informative formal spaces and visually aesthetical and experiential spaces. The design also ensures the workplace has a balance of green spaces for the employees with a touch of biophilia in certain areas.

Site Area:

6,471 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Commercial - large workplace


Toffee Insurance


Interior + FFE

Year of completion: