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PVR Hitech City, Hyderabad

PVR Hitech City, Hyderabad

Capturing the Timeless Joy of Cinema

The design for PVR Hitech City in Hyderabad is inspired by the rich cultural history of its city. The theatre was  envisioned with an interior layout that exudes a sense of  harmony, balance and order. The architecture features aspects of the Nizam era that radiate extravagance, luxury and a palatial ambience; blending it beautifully with the off-white and  beige neo-classical theme that grounds it in 21st-century charm.


The interior has a timeless appeal, and features a number of remarkable details that immerse you in the cinematic experience well before you take your seat. Vaulted ceilings create an aura of expansiveness within the enclosed premises, visually embodying the larger-than-life theme of cinema. Candelabra-inspired light fixtures adorn the vaulted ceilings of the lobby, recalling images of classical antiquity and grandeur. The light arrangements are designed to run parallel above the flooring inlays, which are inspired by classical era wall moldings and add a sense of direction and flow to the premises. Picture frames are repurposed to be vintage poster boxes, creating thematic artwork around the theater.

Program Area:





Interior + FFE

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Built Area:

27,068 sq. ft.