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PVR Gaur City, Greater Noida

PVR Gaur City, Greater Noida

An ethereal cinematic experience 

The most crucial element that forms the framework for the design of PVR Gaur City is the central column that features the media images. The lobby is designed around it, acting as a subtle background to the extravagant rectangular pillar.  A series of parallel lines in the flooring act as visual markers that guide visitors around the large open expanse of the lobby, that is impressive and welcoming. The ceiling is adorned with an interesting pattern of circular lights hanging from a chequered grid of golden panels, that lend a sophisticated charm to the space. The lighting design is in harmony with the movement patterns wherein there is a seamless transition between the pre-foyer and the foyer.

The walls blend in with the golden-yellow theme, and act as the perfect backdrop for the bright movie featuring frames hung on them. The soft glow of light from the panelling on the walls bounces off the tiled surface, creating an ethereal experience.

Program Area:





Interior + FFE

Year of completion




Built Area:

14,810 sq. ft.