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M3M Golf-Estate, Gurugram

M3M Golf-Estate, Gurugram

A polo lounge with an accent of contemporary elegance

The brief outlined the design of a lounge in a residential development at the M3M Golf-Estate to compliment the polo suites which accompany it. Our ideation envisioned a space that confidently highlighted grandeur and sophistication, and at the same time, that of vibrancy and creativity. This blended ‘design stories’ of the existing polo lobby and the dignified polo club, by distilling inspiration from both mid-century and modern design.

The resultant mood is one of ‘undaunted elegance’ with a contemporary undertone, expressed by the polo-classical palette and materiality, that boasts of a ‘timeless feel’. The décor is ‘brawny’ and ‘warmly glamorous’, with its wooden finishes, brass accents, semi-classical chandeliers, emerald green light-shades, chesterfield sofas, and the profusion of equestrian-themed accessories and artwork, lending to the ‘polo-club atmosphere’.

Program Area:

Polo Lounge




Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Built Area:

2,151 sq. ft