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Godrej South Estate, New Delhi

Godrej South Estate, Okhla, New Delhi

Spaces that exude Grandeur

The Godrej South Estate Experience Centre has been designed for the Mumbai-based real estate developer Mogul in the heart of New Delhi. The brief is centred around conceptualising a space that has an instant and lasting impact on the visitor – to impress and captivate, while also communicating the essence of the project. A stringent time limit of three months and the spatial constraints required a flexible approach. The designed structure at the heart of the space was created with the aspiration of creating a sense of awe amidst visitors, while ensuring that the ensemble could be reused effectively in future projects. 

To emulate a ‘larger than life’ experience, a semipermeable curtain has been designed with an array of sleek MDF plates that are held together delicately, seemingly floating in the air. The modules assembled together form a curved volume and house the physical model of the property and the audiovisual zone. The curved plates that perform as the constituent building-blocks of the curtain are staggered at two levels, imparting a sense of fluidity to the form. The modules have been painted in two contrasting colours to provide the structure with a sense of depth, which is further accentuated through smart lighting design.

Nearly 170 small aperture narrow beam downlights create a visual mimicking a pearl necklace of illumination around the feature. While the warm colour palette of grey and white is welcoming, the accents in gold lend richness and opulence to the room. 

Keeping in mind the transient nature of the space, the focus has been towards creating an experience for the visitors. The entire structure has been designed and developed as a modular and reusable artistic installation, ensuring the conscious utilization of materials and resources. 

Site Area:

8,643 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Experience Center


Godrej Properties


Architecture + Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Awards/ Media Recognition:

IIID 2020