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Crayons, Okhla, New Delhi

Crayons, Okhla, New Delhi

Adaptive Re-Use to re-imagine workplace

The Crayons Office in New Delhi, Okhla has been redesigned from a dilapidated brick building into an office space for Crayons Advertising – a transformative reuse project has received wide acclaim from international media such as young 13 Designer Magazine and Archdaily It has also gone on to win the IIID award in 2011 for the its adaptive and innovative design. The project is driven by an aim to create an uplifting work environment and inspire creative thought, by giving life to an old structure. The existing shed was stripped of all its non-structural elements on the northern side and replaced with full length, transparent glass glazing. This allowed natural light to filter in unobstructed, while giving a clear view of the well-manicured lawns, making the interior space appear larger and more spacious.

Glazing members are introduced at the mid-level to reduce glazing cost. The north light opening was retained to enhance the quality of light and maintain a connection with nature. The east facade was made transparent in order to let in maximum natural light and feel more connected to the well manicured green outside. The west side of the structure has been blocked with a complete solid mass, with a closed office below and a service floor above, to provide thermal insulation to the open office, thereby reducing the HVAC as well as electrical loads. 

Site Area:

16,900 sq. ft.

Program Area:

Commercial - large workplace


Crayons Advertising


Architecture + Interior + FFE

Year of completion:




Awards/ Media Recognition:

IIID-2011, Published in Young13 Designer Magazine - 2013, Archdaily Publication