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Home Office Spruce-Up Inputs + Interior Trends 2021

With 2020 intrinsically morphing how businesses and teams function , the ‘Work from Home’ model will likely continue to be a prevalent part of one’s working structure even in the better part of 2021. The intent is to embrace the ‘new normal’ and to create a comfortable, yet pragmatic home office environment that elevates the remote-working experience. We share our insights on the creation of the idyllic home office setup in the light of the interior trends we predict gaining traction in 2021.

Less is Always More-

The year 2020 has had an impactful influence on every individual’s mental health — with levels of anxiety surging high amidst people working from home, these months have made room for plentiful mental introspection, which has redefined the concept of ‘necessities’.

The demeanor of one’s home office has to be emblematic of a clutter-free and warm space that is pared-down to the bare essentials as functionality is paramount. Steer clear of superfluous ornamentation, allowing hand-picked and minimalistic decorative elements to take the spotlight. Let your work space be devoid of all clutter, and thereby ensure the same for your mind.

The Japandi Vocabulary-

We foresee this design style assuming the centre-stage in 2021. ‘Japandi Style’ is a hybrid between Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics that exude an effortlessly minimal, function-driven and serene milieu.

A home office curated in tandem to this design narrative hosts simple clean-lined geometry, subdued hues, the inclusion of natural materials and decluttered nooks — a space truly attuned to create the quintessential remote-working environment.

All About the Details-

Introducing a healthy dose of personalisation into one’s home office can significantly impact how an individual responds to the space, especially considering that they spend a large fraction of their day operating from these confines. Regardless of the design vocabulary, the fusion of personalised items can elevate the ambience by many folds This space can be envisioned as an ‘island’ of sorts, a space that an end-user has complete ownership over. The inclusion of curios, collectables, momentos, allows the home office to offer a more experiential look and feel to the user.

With the barrage of video conferences dotting one’s daily schedule, we can visualise this as an ideal opportunity to showcase our curated home office spaces to the people on the other end of the camera; sharing our visual experience with them, especially with regards to the backdrop/nooks that the webcam’s frame captures.

Make Room for your Interests-

A home office in one’s abode does not have to be limited to the function of carrying out work-related tasks on a daily basis. This space can open its arms up to the user’s hobbies and interests!

Plan your home office with flexibility at its core — the design language, layout, storage and furniture choices should be pieced together keeping in mind the diverse functions the space may anchor. The home office can then bear the potential to transform from an efficient workspace to a personal rejuvenation den as the day progresses in a matter of minutes; versatility is key!