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Future of workplace design

There has never been a collective evolution in humankind the way it happened in the year 2020. Having worked a full year in the comforts of home in this year of pandemic, people have begun to get habituated to a certain lifestyle. Their workspaces have been an extension of their own comfort zone, where everything from the desks to the lighting and the seating is set up by them.

This will define a lot of changes in how the workspaces in the future will be. People will need a space that responds more to their needs, and personalisation will become imperative. Contemporary open workspaces will have to allow for customisation by the occupants. Same/ similar workspace will have to consider social distancing etiquettes, yet, impact overall efficiency in a positive manner.

Natural air and light, limited to a few privileged working spaces currently, will have to be democratised in order to address respiratory and other health related awareness caused due to this pandemic. Hence, natural ventilation or an air purification system along with modern lighting equipment which can neutralise the virus will be a must.

The use of materials will also change significantly. Materials or accessories which are the breeding surfaces for such viruses will be avoided/ moderated. For example, the use of stainless steel and upholstery will be selected keeping in mind the hygiene standards and the ease of cleaning.

The pandemic has made people more conscious of their surroundings and the spaces they interact in. The awareness is sure to make a revolutionary mark in new-age workplace design.