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The Trend of Maximalism

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Pale interiors, which are a priority to the usability of any architectural space over aesthetic considerations, have started to lose their allure. Minimalist beauty that had held us in its own unique way is now suffering a severe backlash. The reason for this new love of exuberance is manifold, however, the key factor to this infatuation is the personalization trend. Maximalism, a contemporary design trend, makes its way from the niche to vastly becoming mainstream today.

For a residence in New Delhi, we opted for the trend keeping in mind the client’s association with the cinematic industry and his distinctly global, refined taste for art pieces and sculpture. The contemporary bar in the residence features a playful, eccentric collage- a montage of framed shots from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, densely arrayed to bracket the seating space across. Wooden tables with brass accents impart a modern edge to the architecture of the room. A statement red carpet and plush leather sofas make the room a piece of art in the client’s collection, giving a visual treat to an enhancing experience.

Our take on maximalism for a residence in Sultanpur has been the blend of a selective range of wall-hung artwork, harmonizing with the colourful exhibit of books on the library shelves of the study room. An exquisite crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling adds an immaculate glare on the opus, balancing out the solid, bold wooden tones that dominate the material palette. A traditional, floral carpet spread out in royal blue manifests as a canvas for all décor elements to pop out.

A vibrant colour palette composed of bright-hued pops of furniture,artwork and wallpapers is a precise way to approach maximalism, which is also abundantly seen in the Moroccan design style and English coffee houses. The dramatic composition is put together with attention to detail in every inch of the space.

Maximalism is not just a reaction against Minimalism. It is a response to the additional time that we spend at our homes during the pandemic days, as a conscious celebration of different moods in our immediate surroundings. One on side where contemporary art movements like minimalism spread out uniformity, a few others still do have an individual appeal of their own.