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Future of Workplace Design

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Gone are those days of come, show up, get done, go home and repeat. The COVID-19 pandemic ensures the revolutionization of lives and practices everyday,be it on the personalised front or at the professional end. The idea of work is no more about just people and data; It goes beyond this realm to reiterate working as more of a collaborative, constantly in-process interaction to collect and create quality data.

This will define a lot of changes in how the workspaces of the future will be. People would want to be in a space that feels easy and accommodating, in order to balance out the tension between high pressure and ambition.The increased importance of ‘being able to move’ to spaces in order to perform as per moods and needs is something that as an idea of a workspace, the pandemic persuades us to believe.

The effect that nature and natural forms like light and air come to hit human beings on their very conscious level. Be it physical or digital spaces, the place of work looks out primarily for a good visual, natural, and peaceful atmosphere. Home tables manage to get themselves moved to different parts of the home to make this experience consistently possible, while physical work spaces look to design a wellbeing workspace for people.

The use of materials will also change significantly. Materials or accessories which are the breeding surfaces for such viruses will be avoided/ moderated. For example, the use of stainless steel and upholstery will be selected keeping in mind the hygiene standards and the ease of cleaning.

The pandemic manages to create an interesting mix to values of flexibility, freedom, and resistance. The pandemic has made people more conscious of their surroundings and the spaces they interact in. The awareness is sure to make a revolutionary mark in new-age workplace design.  It is a time for transition to realize that a work space doesn’t lie in the cubicle jail or as a wide-open playground; it stays rooted for one’s who find their productive middle ground.