financial pundits -The challenge designing a new office for a 2nd generation Chartered Accountancy Firm was handling complexities other than sheer number crunching. Modernizing their office, ensuring 700 sq ft. of storage space and have 30 people sit well, and all of this in just 1,240 sq. ft. of area. Providing relevance to each complexity required innovative intervention. We call this - "volumetric designing". This ensured that we had just about enough floor space to create a clutter free work environment for the members of Financial Pundits.
client-financial pundits
construction stage-built-2014
location-spaze, gurgaon, haryana, india
site area-not applicable
built up area-1240 sqft
structure consultant-not applicable
hvac consultant-not applicable
plumbing consultant-not applicable
electrical consultant-not applicable
3d visualization-iaad visual studio
photo credit-not applicable